Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Depression on the rise in America

With unemployment rising close to 10 percent. Many Americans are depressed. The so call stimulus money has about 14 percent of the money gone. None of it went to shovel ready projects. Families are struggling to survive. Healthcare that Obama proposes will cost the middleclass approximate $7000.00 out of pocket or you go to jail.

If you're living with depression, you know too well how it feels for you. But each person experiences depression in his or her own way. One may sleep too much, while another sleeps too little. Some people don't eat enough and lose weight, while others overeat and gain weight.
Of course, depression is more than just a collection of symptoms: it's a common and serious medical condition that can feel overwhelming and interfere with your ability to function. It may occur once, but for some people it can occur several times in their lives. It is estimated that depression affects about 14 million Americans in a given year, or approximately 1 out of 6 adults over a lifetime.
Even so, if you're suffering from depression, there are things you can do that may help improve the way you feel. Explore the links to the left to learn more about some different options for managing depression, including lifestyle choices, antidepressant medications and talk therapy.

American Public Schools Indoctrination

For many years now our public schools has been taking over by Liberals with the intent to indoctrinate our boy and girls. Recently our President spoke in one of our public schools. We should be outraged at this kind of behavior.
Obama looks like a high class actor then a president, he’s always smiling and laughing, he has no presence or character like George W.Bush. He seems timid and weak at the knees, I would hate for him to have to make a decision when there's a big problem. Obama doesn't give appearance he takes anything seriously. He can't even speak in public without a teleprompter. He reminds me of a terrible actor pretending to be the president of the United States. Is this what we really want? A socialized America? the polls say different. No one wants the so call public health insurance; but they don't seem to care. Let's do the right thing in 2010 and ultimately 2012 get this clown out of office.

How's the Hope and Change?

This is a motivational speech. Meant to bring awareness to the everyday people living in America. Our economy is in terrible shape with 9.8 percent unemployed and rising. Yet the mainstream media puts a good spin on the situation. Instead of the president doing his job he spends all his time on television like a super star. Instead of having weekly talks with the general he puts off granting him the request for more troops to win the war. How's that hope and change working out for you? Instead of giving the people of Georgia and the American Samoa help and talking to set there minds at ease from the floods. He's out there trying to get the Olympics bid for Chicago. How's the hope and change working out for you? The world is laughing at us. We have a fool in the White house. This is beyond pathetic it’s not the America that I know and love.
2012 vote Barrack Insane Obama out and make him a 1 term president. Don't let him do anymore damage to us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The end of America as we know it

Barack H. Obama is not my president. I'm shocked by the amount of ignorant Americans out there. It's the end of the United States of America as we know it. I wish I could go into hibernation for 4 years. To say I dislike this Marxist would not be too strong. To say I'm ashamed to be black would not be too strong. In 4 years I will be saying you made your beds Americans now die in it. Israel will now have no other choice but to start a war with Iran because Obama will not help them and it has to be done before President Bush leaves office. To call him the anti-Christ would not be too far off base. I'm literally sick to my stomach. So many Americans want to sit back and let the Government take care of them instead of working hard for what they want. No wonder so many Americans have no self esteem,lazy,fat, and out of shape. I bow my head in shame. I shake my fist with disgust. But so it is written and God words are coming to pass. So many people are lost sheep's and cannot think independently. I'm a leader and know that this man child is wrong for American capitalist society. If so many of you love socialism why don't you get the hell out and live in Europe? Rev. Wright is indeed correct in saying Americans chickens are coming home to roost. Because in 4 years we will pay for electing Obama as your president not mines.

Reh Dogg

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why are 95% of Blacks supporting Obama?

I am a black conservative black male. I'm ashamed of my black people. Obama represents bigger government and leans heavily on the far left. He believes in raising taxes. How can you be a black entrepreneur owning a small business support him? The government will take 62% of your profit leaving you with 36 cents on the dollar. I'm all for supporting black people but my principles comes first. This man panders and says anything to get a vote. One day he claims to be pro choice now a banner on his pathetic website says he's pro life. My mother always told me the friends and company you keep is a reflection on you. Obama has friends and associates running his campaign who are not good for America. He wants to socialize our nation? Look at Europe? Do we really want our rights taking away from us? Do you really want the government running our life? Everything the government does fails. Look at Fannie and Freddy. I really wish McCain would call names. Connecticut own Chris Dodd needs to do the right thing and step down. New World Order is soon coming.