Tuesday, October 6, 2009

American Public Schools Indoctrination

For many years now our public schools has been taking over by Liberals with the intent to indoctrinate our boy and girls. Recently our President spoke in one of our public schools. We should be outraged at this kind of behavior.
Obama looks like a high class actor then a president, he’s always smiling and laughing, he has no presence or character like George W.Bush. He seems timid and weak at the knees, I would hate for him to have to make a decision when there's a big problem. Obama doesn't give appearance he takes anything seriously. He can't even speak in public without a teleprompter. He reminds me of a terrible actor pretending to be the president of the United States. Is this what we really want? A socialized America? the polls say different. No one wants the so call public health insurance; but they don't seem to care. Let's do the right thing in 2010 and ultimately 2012 get this clown out of office.

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