Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why are 95% of Blacks supporting Obama?

I am a black conservative black male. I'm ashamed of my black people. Obama represents bigger government and leans heavily on the far left. He believes in raising taxes. How can you be a black entrepreneur owning a small business support him? The government will take 62% of your profit leaving you with 36 cents on the dollar. I'm all for supporting black people but my principles comes first. This man panders and says anything to get a vote. One day he claims to be pro choice now a banner on his pathetic website says he's pro life. My mother always told me the friends and company you keep is a reflection on you. Obama has friends and associates running his campaign who are not good for America. He wants to socialize our nation? Look at Europe? Do we really want our rights taking away from us? Do you really want the government running our life? Everything the government does fails. Look at Fannie and Freddy. I really wish McCain would call names. Connecticut own Chris Dodd needs to do the right thing and step down. New World Order is soon coming.

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