Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The end of America as we know it

Barack H. Obama is not my president. I'm shocked by the amount of ignorant Americans out there. It's the end of the United States of America as we know it. I wish I could go into hibernation for 4 years. To say I dislike this Marxist would not be too strong. To say I'm ashamed to be black would not be too strong. In 4 years I will be saying you made your beds Americans now die in it. Israel will now have no other choice but to start a war with Iran because Obama will not help them and it has to be done before President Bush leaves office. To call him the anti-Christ would not be too far off base. I'm literally sick to my stomach. So many Americans want to sit back and let the Government take care of them instead of working hard for what they want. No wonder so many Americans have no self esteem,lazy,fat, and out of shape. I bow my head in shame. I shake my fist with disgust. But so it is written and God words are coming to pass. So many people are lost sheep's and cannot think independently. I'm a leader and know that this man child is wrong for American capitalist society. If so many of you love socialism why don't you get the hell out and live in Europe? Rev. Wright is indeed correct in saying Americans chickens are coming home to roost. Because in 4 years we will pay for electing Obama as your president not mines.

Reh Dogg

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